The A.L. Lane Foundation – Application Form

The A.L. Lane Foundation was established by the late Alan Lane, for the benefit of charitable purposes in Warrnambool and its district.

Applications for a grant from The A.L. Lane Foundation are considered quarterly, and should be lodged by 10 March, 10 June, 10 September or 10 December.

Applicants should provide as much information as is considered necessary to support the application. Attachment of large quantities of material should be avoided.

Applicants should be aware that the limited funds of the Foundation do not allow for all proposals of merit to be funded. An unsuccessful application does not necessarily mean that it was not well regarded by the Trustees.

In the case of such applications, where appropriate, the Foundation will lend its assistance and identify other funding sources that may be available.

If you would prefer to apply for a community grant via hard-copy, please download the grant application.

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Expenditure should include details of salaries, wages or fees and to whom payable, promotional costs, insurance, governmental charges

8. Sources of Finance

9. Results and Impact

10. Taxation

11. Research and Similar Projects

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