A.L. Lane Foundation – History

The A.L. Lane Foundation

The A.L. Lane Foundation is a philanthropic trust dedicated to supporting, in the form of grants, worthwhile charitable, educational and community projects across the Warrnambool region.

The A.L. Lane Foundation was established in 1975 by Alan Leslie Lane O.A.M. On his death in 1995, Mr Lane bequeathed the majority of his estate to the support of Warrnambool community projects. This estate became the base capital that enabled the The Foundation to become widely operative.

The A.L. Lane Foundation

Alan Leslie Lane O.A.M.

Alan Leslie Lane O.A.M. was a tireless and well-respected business, government and community leader in the Warrnambool region.

Mr Lane owned and operated a number of successful businesses – including South Western Roadways Pty Ltd, Lane’s Travel Service Pty Ltd and Lanes Taxi Service Pty Ltd.

In addition to his business interests, Mr Lane served as a Warrnambool City Councillor for 18 years, from 1952 to 1970. He also acted as:

  • The Warrnambool region representative on the Municipal Association of Victoria Executive Community.
  • The Warrnambool City Council delegate to the Provincial Cities, Towns and Boroughs Association.
  • The President of the Warrnambool Chamber of Commerce for six years.

Throughout his life, Mr Lane worked tirelessly for the local community. His contribution included:

  • 11 years as President of the St Johns Ambulance Brigade.
  • 39 years as a member and trustee of the Warrnambool Fire Brigade.
  • 38 years as a member of the Warrnambool Rotary Club.
  • An active involvement with many local and district sporting organisations, including the Hampden Football League and the South Warrnambool Football Club.

Mr Lane’s many contributions were acknowledged with the City of Warrnambool Citizenship Award in 1970 and the Medal of the Order of Australia in 1986.